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Master Plan, National Central University Chung-Li Campus

National central university sits on a lone plateau in Suang-Lien slope area of Chung-Li city. With 61-hectare area, the campus possesses rich natural resources with pine forest & multiple plants. Since moving to this campus in 1967, the university was developed from liberal arts & science/ engineering colleges only to a total of 7 colleges, 20 departments & 46 graduate schools with 15,000 students and faculty/staff members. Along with the saturation of physical spaces, come with the problems of traffic circulation, accommodation needs & aging buildings.

Through a series of survey, analysis, questionnaires & planning strategy, formulation issues for physical, environmental needs were addressed & the potential development opportunities were identified.

"Green Campus" concept was evolved as consensus through multiple discussions. Locations of new buildings, height & character of campus with color/ material guidelines were established to suit the windy& rainy climate conditions to meet the goal of minimal maintenance needed for the campus buildings.

"Green Campus Circulation" was also promoted through the construction of peripheral underground parking spaces so that the majority of the campus is pedestrian friendly /traffic free spaces with bike routes.

Common utilities trenches were planned & storm/waste water reclaim were proposed to anticipate the water shortage in the future.

Planning guidelines with re-evaluation every five years were established in the implementation plan along with the staging of financial need and projection to complete the master plan.

Location:Zhongli City, Taoyuan County

Category: Planning

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