Master Plan for Campus of Soochow University

Situated at Waishuang Stream of Taipei City, Soochow University occupies about 14 hectares of land, a beautiful location next to the lower slopes of Yangmingshan. Endowed with the benefit of both the city’s convenient public transportation network and natural beauty of the suburban environment, it is nevertheless burdened with many troubles, as most university buildings are very old, windows are neither sound-proof nor effective in energy conservation, handicap-free provisions are inadequate, vehicular movement in campus conflicts with student pedestrian walks, sewer piping are not connected to municipal soil water lines, etc. Before any repair work can be initiated, the University decides that a comprehensive improvement plan must be made as guidance for various corrective works, so as to minimize problems arising between different branches of construction work, resulting incongruous building appearance and/or duplication of corrective work.

The plan for improvement of the campus consists of

  1. Suggestions for the improvement of outdoor open spaces
  2. Planning of handicap-free provisions for the entire campus
  3. Renovation of campus landscape design, taking advantage of the mountain slope topography to provide outdoor platforms of different size and height for student activities, connecting different buildings in an orderly sequence with handicap-free bridges and/or walkways which are not only convenient and pleasant but also safe in the rainy season.

The design will proceed from the vision of a sustainable campus utilizing the qualities of the natural geography to create spaces of different heights for outdoor and semi-outdoor activities, satisfying the university’s complex educational needs while fortifying the beauty of open space via different visual arrangements.

Location:Shuangxi Campus, Soochow University

Site area:14.59 hectares

Design period:2009.3 ~ 2010.4

Category: Planning

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