Manufacturing Campus, Au Optronics Corporation

The masterplan for our client’s 18.7ha Aspire Park site provides for four TFT-LCD production as well as an Electro-Mechanical Service Center, Administration Building, Fabs for Modular Assemblage, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Gas Supply Center and staff living quarters.

This phase includes 134m x 210m production plant double-FAB, the Administration Building, Electro-Mechanical Service Center, Modular Assemblage Building and a Transformer Station. The site will be developed as a campus so special attention was paid building mass composition and landscaping. Pedestrian and service traffic are separated so that staff may enjoy a pleasant working and living environment.

Exterior walls are typically covered with 4.5cm square glazed tiles. Fabs and Service Buildings employ a curtain wall emphasizing vertical rhythm; corporate colors grey, white and green are used through out. The Administration Building lobby, finished in granite, is turned 45 degrees toward the Park entrance forming the principal project landmark.


Structural system:steel、long span truss、RC moment frame exterior wall

Site area:187,140㎡

Building coverage:44,640㎡

Total floor area:204,530㎡

No. of stories:3 floors below grade、8 floors above grade

Cost: 约新台币1,203,241,000元

Design period:2000.05 ~ 2000.12

Const. period:2000.10 ~ 2001.12

Category: Manufacturing

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