Main Library, National Taiwan Ocean University Keelung

Located near the main University entrance at the junction of the seaside campus and the Hsiang-Fung campus, the library is a five-story building with basement. It has a capacity of 200,000 volumes and a total area of 7,390 sq.m.(not including an elevated walkway). Completed in 1989, the total construction cost was NT$99,200,000. The ground floor contains a lobby with exhibition space, the University Archive room, and offices for administration and technical services. Open-shelf reading rooms with controlled access are located on the second through fifth floors, inter-connected by open stairways and a central atrium which is skylit and ventilated mechanically from the roof. A student lounge and study hall in the basement is flanked on two sides by sunken gardens and conveniently linked to the ground floor by ramp and steps; this has become a favorite social hangout for students. Since Keelung has a long rainy season, an elevated, glazed walkway has been provided, connecting the library to the teaching and administration complexes of the university.

Joint Venture Architect : Chiu-Hwa Wang

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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