Main Library, National Kinmen Institute of Technology

Independently established on August 1, 2003, the National Kinmen Institute of Technology presents a milestone in the history of education in Kinmen. The Main Library plays an important part to the Institute and also to the local area. It not only symbolizes the knowledge treasure of the school, but also provides a venue for developing new learning for the local people and a focus for cross-strait academic exchange and presentation. In the future, the library will become the information center on campus and the Kinmen region.

The library fronts a broad lawn plaza by the main school entrance, adjacent to the administrative and academic building on the right. In the back a site is reserved for future expansion. The demand on the library book collection is an estimated 330,000. The required space for the library is around 6,000 m2, and the computer center will need approximately 1,260 m2.

The library is designed in the style of southern Fukien Province with a bell tower of upturned eaves to complement the visual highlights of the main gate. The building will constitute a new cultural landmark of Kinmen. The interior features an atrium inducing natural light and public art installations to shape the main library as a bright, spacious, elegant and quiet study with a humanistic and artistic ambience.

In solidifying the campus planning and green design, rationalization of construction methods and low pollution materials are utilized to lower environmental impacts. Indigenous trees are planted to strengthen the landscaped greenery and ensure sustainability of the architecture and the environment.

Location:Jinning, Kinmen

Structural system:RC

Site area:135,135㎡

Building coverage:3,157㎡

Total floor area:7,900㎡

No. of stories:5 above grade

Cost:NT$ 200,000,000

Design period:2005.12 ~ 2006.11

Const. period:2006.12 ~ 2008.09

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Education

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