Main Library and Information Sciences Center, National Chung-Cheng University

Situated at the center of the campus, this large structure includes the main Library, the Audio-Visual Center and the Computer Center, has a floor area of 47,034 sq.m. and capacity of 1,500,000 volumes. One of the principal concerns of the design was how to prevent this large building from excessively dominating the surrounding space. The design utilizes the natural slope of the site, placing the main entrance on the second floor; thus, only six floors of the eight-story structure are seen from the front. On the east and west side of the main library are the three-story-high Computer and Audio-Visual Centers. Connected with a tall (three-story high) entrance portico for these three functions, the entrance area is monumental and yet pleasantly human-scaled. The service entrance is situated below the second floor entrance plaza and connects with the parking area. On the first floor are an amphitheater, exhibition galleries, audio-visual rooms, refreshment areas and acquisition and cataloguing offices of the library, which must be located near the service entrance.
The three-story east and west wings house classrooms and administration offices for the Computer and Audio-Visual Centers, respectively. The second to eighth floors in the central library building are controlled-access reading rooms, with high ceiling areas at different floors and locations, creating a sense of continuity of space. There are garden courts and landscaped terraces above the fifth floor.
A Chung-Cheng Memorial Archive is located on the eighth floor. In the basement, the southern portion is reserved as a future stack room for 50,000 volumes on compact shelving, while the northern part is a student lounge and study hall for 400. The latter is actually on the ground level because of the sloping site, allowing good views as well as light and air. The firm was also responsible for the overall furniture and furnishings design of the entire library. The total construction cost,including furnishings, was NT$850,000,000. It was completed in October 1993.


‧ Joint Venture Architect Chiu Hwa Wang

Joint Architect: Chiu-Hwa Wang

Awards: Citation, CHINESE ARCHITECT Annual Design Award

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Education

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