Logefeil Memorial Hospital

The memorial hospital of Taitung City provides medical services for the under- privileged natives of the eastern coastal area. Since 1998, a plan was conceived to modernize and upgrade the building into a 300 bed regional hospital. Renovation work is conducted in three phases and separate zones so as not to disrupt normal operations of the hospital.

Owing to the Limited area of the site and the preservation of one existing building, the new Medical Building is designed with an open-space concept to maximize available floor area. The preserved building, three stories in height, provides Out-patient, Physical Therapy and Administration offices in addition to serving as the hospital entrance lobby, while the new building contains an Emergency ward, radiation treatment rooms, operation and delivery rooms on the 1st through 4th floors, in-patient ward and dormitory on the 5th through 9th floors, a conference center on the 10th floor, parking and supplementary hospital services on the three floors below ground.

The exterior of the new building is finished in concrete and grey colored tile to harmonize with the colors of the existing site, enlivened with aluminum and glass curtain walls to give a contemporary appearance. Anti-typhoon windows are installed to further express the building's regional character.

A canopy is added to emphasize the existing building entrance, while the terrazzo floor of the entrance lobby is preserved as a remembrance of bygone times. Interior renovation includes a diagonal support to mitigate earthquake force and provide flexible partition locations.


Structural system:below grade: RC、1st floor: SRC、2nd -10th floors: SS

Site area:6,140 ㎡

Building coverage:1,610 ㎡

Total floor area:21,565 ㎡

No. of stories:3 below、10 above grade

Design period:1998.10 - 2001.09

Const. period:2001.10 - 2002.12

Category: Healthcare、Religious

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