Logefeil Memorial Hospital Addition

Logefeil Memorial Hospital, the medical guardian in Taitung, aims to provide advanced cancer treatment while easing the need for long-distance travel for the local patients. The client kindly expands its building on the east area for the facility of linear accelerator. The design needs to take into account that the hospital is still in operation.

There are two existing buildings in the same site: phase I – 1below and 4 above grade, phase II – 3 below and 10 above grade. The newly constructed building massing is a rational layout and tightly connected with existing buildings. The buildings are joined at the podium level to optimize outpatient and other medical departments circulation efficiency.

Ark is the sign of salvation in the Old Testament. The project takes advantages of the cross on the top of the façade to imply the sails led by the Ark as to become the eye-catching visual landmark on the main road in front of the hospital.

The architectural vocabulary continues the original rustic style and complements the existing buildings. The tile bricks naturally match with local washing pebbles. The natural light, windows, and the use of Low-E glass accomplish the effect of sustainability and exhibits architecture’s responsibility to the environment.


Structural system:SRC

Site area:6,139 m²

Building coverage:697 m²

Total floor area:4,682 m²

No. of stories:2 below, 5 above grade

Cost:NT$ 247,000,000

Design period:2016.02~ 2017.08

Const. period:2017.12 ~

Category: Healthcare

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