Linkou Plant Phase III Addition, MiTAC Information Technology Corp

Located within the Hwa Ya Technology Park in Linkou, the site is bordered by Wenhua 2nd Road on the east and Hwaya 2nd Road on the north. Phase I work (2 floors below grade and 6 floors above) and Phase II (2 floors below grade and 1 floor above) are already completed. Responding to the clients’ request for expansion, the design team planned to build a 10-story factory building within the Phase II site for growing production needs, while also provide lounge and dining facilities as well as an adequate parking area for the Phase III workers.

In the Phase III Building, an open-air atrium and a landscaped balcony recessed 14 meters from the entrance plaza not only provides a pleasant view for the workers, but it also creates a conversational relationship with the existing building, thus establishing a gracious total building group.

Location:Hwa Ya Technology Park

Structural system:SS with partial RC

Site area:30,200㎡

Building coverage:5,900㎡

Total floor area:50,800㎡

No. of stories:2 below (existing), 10 above grade

Design period:2014.04 ~ 2015.04

Const. period:2015.05 ~ 2016.12

Category: Manufacturing

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