Line III, Quanta Display Inc.

Responding to the modern age long term development needs for TFT/LCD products, QDI procured a new site outside the Hwa Ya Science Park in Tao Yuan in order to build five new factories. Our project represents the Phase 1 work and includes an Administrative Building, two Fabrications, a CUP, plus a Waste Water Treatment and Hazardous Production Materials Area.


The combination of a narrow, sloped site and the need for large, square shaped production facilities with complex service requirements presented us with a genuine design challenge. In addition, we need to maintain a similarity in style with the main building in Hwa Ya. We therefore developed a stripe-form building to suit the site, with curvilinear curtain walls and RGB tricolor light bands as the Hwa Ya parent building.


The basement contained a parking garage for 1,400 cars as well as a staff dressing area, dining room and mechanical equipment rooms. At grade level a curved certain wall enclosed the main lobby and conference rooms in front of the fabrications, its striped shape glazing forming an interesting contrast with the massive form of the fabrications behind. The image of curvilinear light bands are further extended to the suspended perforated aluminum panel ceilings inside, recalling a design language while achieving a sound-absorbing effect.

Location:Hsinchu Industrial-Based Science Park

Structural system:Steel、RC

Site area:258,430 ㎡

Building coverage:144,930 ㎡

Total floor area:865,425 ㎡

No. of stories:3 below、5 above grade

Design period:2003.09 ~ 2004.08

Const. period:2004.02 ~ 2005.08

Category: Manufacturing

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