Lien Hwa Headquarters

The site is located near Nankang Software Park on an industrial land with the 20m Nankang Road flanking its north and the track of Taiwan Railways bordering the southern edge. The railroad has now been dismantled for the co-construction project of Taiwan Railway, Mass Rapid Transit system and Taiwan High Speed Railway System. With completion of the project, the road will be broadened to 20 meters wide.


This project consists of buildings A and B, 49.7m in height. Seismic dampers are installed on the above-grade structure with a connecting bridge on the third level linking the two buildings. The basement is used for air-raid shelter and garage. The above-grade stories offices are for the conglomerate’s different companies, an auditorium, a display area, a staff cafeteria, a VIP reception space, and a memorial hall for the founder of the business.


The configuration of A, B buildings not only accommodates different organizations of the affiliated enterprises, lending to separate utilization, but also creates an interactive dialogue between the back and front volumes, forming a lively, rhythmic open space. A rarely found green patch and plaza are thus achieved for internal and external lingering and interaction.


The exterior wall adopts a curtain wall system of low-e and fritted glass combination. Part of the service core is finished with warm grey granite to express a simple and light penetrating high-tech image. Water and ample greenery are introduced at the entrance lobby. The sixth floor of building A and the fourth floor of building B are adorned with flower terrace, a waterfall wall, and a wooden platform. Nighttime lighting displays an elegant moderation and mild warmth. The staggered layers of lighting give the building a landmark highlight, and help add to the city a spectacle of glamour and hospitality.

Location:Nankang, Taipei

Structural system:Steel (above grade), RC (below grade)

Site area:11,198 ㎡

Building coverage:4,098 ㎡

Total floor area:52,140 ㎡

No. of stories:4 below, 11 above grade

Cost:NT$ 1,688,000,000

Design period:2004.04 ~ 2005.12

Const. period:2006.01 ~ 2009.06

Category: Landscape、Office、R&D

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