Library Building, Taiwan Baptist Seminary Taipei

Situated on a slope in the center of the entrance area of the Seminary campus, the library is a structure with three stories above ground and one below. It has a total floor area of 1863 sq.m. and a total construction cost of NT$28,660,000. It was completed in April, 1990. Using open-stack reading rooms, the library is intended for teaching and research. A study hall and periodicals room are in the basement while the upper three floors are for reading, stacks, an audio-visual room, a children's reading room, and carrels. Two-story-high ceilings at a few locations on the second floor and third floor connect the spaces of different levels. This project also included the preservation and renovation of an old farmhouse in the back of the library, to be used for housing the archive of the Seminary.

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Religious

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