Lian Hwa Industry FuGong “Mao-Wheat*” Warehouse Addition

The Camel Brand and Radish Brand flour produced by Lien Hwa Industrial Corporation have long enjoyed the top-quality fame in Taiwan’s market; now, using imported wheat, Lien Hwa is building a warehouse for Mao-wheat, attempting to demonstrate that they can produce the world’s top-quality flour.

The principal user of the warehouse is not any person, but Mao-wheat. The building design is based on the best method for storage and transportation of Mao-wheat, until it turns into its finished product: flour.

Mao-wheat fears water and humidity, it must be carefully stored. Its warehouse is composed of many circular shaped tubes set within concrete, and operated by slipping boards. The concrete must be pollution free and without cracks.

In the old days, wheat used to be transported by train, but it is now transported by truck. Truck(s) will deliver the wheat directly to the basement via a “throw-in” opening, then the wheat is transported by automotive elevator(s) to the top of the warehouse on the 7th floor; the Quality Control Squad will then take-over the ensuing steps for completing the products.

*Mao-wheat is wheat which has not been cleaned or washed by water.

Location:Yangmei District

Structural system:RC with partial SS

Site area:161,721㎡

Building coverage:1,505㎡

Total floor area:5,159㎡

No. of stories:1 below 7 above grade

Design period:2008.9 ~ 2009.1

Const. period:2009.2 ~ 2009.12

Category: Manufacturing

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