Lefram Technology Corporation Kwen – Shi Plant

The site is located in Kwen –Shi township of Hsin-Chu County sloping down from north to south with a difference in level of about 1.5 meters. Our design places the parking lot at the southern end of the property with a service loading zone at the west, and the main production plant at the north set back from the approach road. First and second floors of the main building are 7 and 6 meters high respectively; this is where the production of cable trays for semi-conductors takes place. The exterior wall is sheathed in white glazed tiles with light and dark gray accents to create a high-tech image. Phase I construction is comprised of the main factory and offices with a total floor area of 10,700 sq.m. and costing NT$94,680,000., completed in December 1997. Phase II and III will expand the production plant and add auxiliary factories.

Category: Manufacturing

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