Landscape & Sitework for Banyan Boulevard, Feng Chia University, Taichung

Banyan Boulevard is the main campus thoroughfare of Feng Chia University, so named because of the large banyan trees which were planted when the university was first established and have since grown to provide a continuous green canopy over this axial roadway. It extends from the university entry gate to the garden to wall at the eastern end of the campus, and forms a link for various academic buildings as well as the administrative center, where students, faculty and staff pass through daily, meet and interact. However, as the boulevard was paved in asphalt and bordered by shrubbery, vehicular traffic constantly interfered with pedestrian movement, creating much confusion. Our office was asked to redesign the entry area, paving, landscaping, lighting and drainage systems as well as all ancillary street furniture for the boulevard, our design is based on the following criteria:

  1. Rerouting of vehicular traffic to the campus periphery except for occasional service vehicles and handicapped use. Asphalt paving is replaced by interlocking paving blocks which permit natural drainage, strategically composed with planting areas to form a landscaped pedestrian plaza and walkway.
  2. Preservation of all existing banyan trees. Relocation of all existing shrubbery to the edge of buildings while additional shade trees of various heights as well as grass plots and flower beds are incorporated into the boulevard.
  3. Creation of a new plaza at the campus gate, separated from the inner campus by a translucent water screen, to act as an outdoor campus foyer.
  4. Use of natural materials, primarily stone and wood, for all street furniture.

This project was completed December, 1996, with a construction cost of NT$40,000,000, and successfully provided a pleasant, human-scaled outdoor space as well as a new image of the University.

Category: Education、Landscape、Planning

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