KUAS Library & Computer Center

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science is primarily located in Kaohsiung City. The original campus has no more space for expansion, thus established its second campus in Yanchao upon approval by the Ministry of Education.


The building situates on a long and narrow site, with steep slope in the back (west) and a 16m wide main roadway in the front (east). At five above& one below grade levels, the basement is used for parking, mechanical, storage (compact book stack) & trash management. The ground floor is used as common spaces which include lecture hall (102 seats), international conference venue (224 seats), remote teaching classroom (115 seats) & three web access classrooms along with assorted supporting spaces. The main semi-outdoor lobby is located at the center of the building, with a welcoming wide stairs leading to a central arts & cultural exhibition hall on second floor. To the south of this hall is the administrative space for computer center, while to the north is the entry &service counter of the library. A triangular glass glazed internal stairs is connecting 2~5 floors. The low-e glass stairs also serves as a light tower at night. As a full service university library, the building contains all the functions such as audio-visual room, seminar rooms, study carrels & librarian working spaces.


Since the main orientation of the building is facing east & south east, the façade is designed with double low-e glass & staggered synthesis wood panels to reduce heat gain & express rhythm.

Location:Yanchao campus, National Kaohsiung Applied Science& Technology University

Structural system:Reinforced Concrete with Partial Steel

Site area:102,781㎡

Building coverage:3,157㎡

Total floor area:16,907㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Design period:2009.03~2011.01

Const. period:2012.03~2015.05

Awards: Outstanding Award, FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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