Kinmen Jinhu Sports Center

The Project is located in Jinhu, Kinmen County, which is a group of islands located on the southeast of Taiwan. The mountains and rocks on the islands are conceptualized into building massing to express strength and steadiness. Perforated metal panels are used on the exterior to generate light-change during different times of a day. The panels also act as a layer of skin, which softens the sharp edges on the building and mitigates the muscular impression commonly related with gymnasiums, conveying a powerful yet graceful impression.

The bended walls on the building represent rocks that grow out from the earth. The various angles on the roof are to recall Tai-Wu Mountain visible in a distance and to extend the mountain skyline into the site. Through the dynamic visual redirection, visitors are able to interact with a building just as they are interacting with the natural environment.

The layout strategy integrates characteristics from a typical Kinmen village. Through the recognition of traditional elements and spatial relationship, the project puts an emphasis on the co-existence between human and the nature.

Category: Paper Architecture、Sport / Leisure

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