Kinman Youth Center

This Youth Activities Center with a total floor area of about 2,800 sq.m. was built for the China Youth Corps on the outskirts of Kincheng township on Kinman Island. The three-story structure, with hostel rooms, kitchen, dining hall, administrative offices, lounge, recreation room, audio-visual room and outdoor activities spaces, can house 120 people. Kinman is an island with a strong presence of southern Fukien culture but because of repeated involvement in military conflict, it has not been fully developed. The design for the building material and characteristics of the Center aim to reflect a combination of local customs and the battlefield. Also, in light of the fact that anti-parachute machine guns might have to be installed in the future, an extension of the octagonal structure has been built in the shape of a fort. The total construction cost was about NT$55,000,000; it was completed in February, 1993.

Category: Hospitality、Sport / Leisure

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