Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center

“Knot” is the design concept of the project and an integral element to tie unban network together. This new music center eliminates the hedges between waterfront and the land to take advantages of reclaiming the edge and establishing an image of “Nexus” Such a juicy design reflects the opulent relationship of urban profile and buildings’ axes. In addition, it is a unique experience to make “Architecture an Adventure”.
The Large Performance Hall is formed by the layering of program strands, which coil around the voids to create the perimeter of the room. In festival mode, the harbor comes alive with multiple temporary stages on land and water. Fans can move from stage to stage around the loop, sampling a movable feast of music.
The project not only features the regional characteristics but expanding the scope of Kaohsiung’s tourism through urban design, landscape & architecture, motivating the development of cultural activities and enhancing the experience & knowledge of music, marine history and ecological environment to Kaohsiung

Collaborating Architect: STUDIO GANG

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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