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International House, National Chengchi University

National Chengchi University consists of Upper Campus and Lower Campus, covering an area of 104 hectares. The I-House is a student accommodation project that provides 643 residential units for a total of 1,014 residents on the site between the existing dormitory complex and the northern teaching campus. The dwelling units are designed as a living and learning space with a family atmosphere to provide a sense of identity and belonging, between the school and students.


The plan of the dormitory buildings is in four L-shaped configurations each to signify the NCCU spirit “Lead, Learn, Link, Language”. Together they form two different levels of open spaces, lower level-greenery lawn and upper level-courtyard. These four L-shaped dorm buildings are grouped in a new “Siheyuan (quadrangle)” configuration, serving to form a temperate microclimate and to raise energy efficiency.


By centralizing public areas on lower floors and dwelling units on upper floors, the layout is carefully planned to comply with the natural topography, while integrating physically challenged accessibility into the design. Connecting corridors link adjacent buildings to facilitate movements and at the same time provide weather shelter, thus greatly enhancing convenience in dorm life.


United with light gray folding which represents the Chinese symbol of auspicious clouds, the buildings poetically project a mountain city image conveying a dialogue between the project’s expression and its surroundings. All of the exterior elevations of the dorm buildings are clad in light gray wall panels with four different separate color tiles which adorn the exterior walls of the vertical circulation core. They serve not only to create a lively ambience but also aid users to identify their current location.


Upholding the principles of green construction for a sustainable environment and green building, the project has thus achieved Taiwan’s Green Building Gold Certification.


Location:Chengchi University Upper Campus, Taipei

Structural system:RC

Site area:16,047㎡

Building coverage:3,503㎡

Total floor area:25,225㎡

Design period:2009.3 ~ 2010.2

Const. period:2010.3 ~ 2011.9

Category: Dormitory

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