Interior Furnishings and Furniture for the National Central Library

The library is a new, six-story building with basement on two levels, with a total floor area of 40,110 sq.m., and a capacity of 2,5000,000 volumes and 1,500 readers. The interior is divided into several areas including open-shelf reading rooms, stack rooms (with regular and compact shelving), a rare book room (with a rare book stack room), administration and technical services area, a lecture/conference area (also containing an exhibition hall, a study hall and a restaurant), and a service area.

Red oak was chosen for furniture and furnishings in all the public spaces except for the rare book area, which is furnished in red cypress. Tables, chairs and lounge seats adopt classical Chinese motifs in simplified forms, and steel book-stacks are furnished with red oak end-panels decorated with a similar motif. Reading rooms and readers lounge areas are divided by a series of latticed wood screens, again using a modernized ancient tradition, while the screens are also designed to incorporate display cases and directory signs. Various accessory items such as wastepaper bins and planters boxes were also made to order so as to attain a unified design.

The total cost amounted to about NT$86,000,000, and it was completed in 1985.

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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