Industry-Academia Cooperation Building, Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University aims to strengthen the R&D environment so the project is launched in the New Zhongbei campus. The targets include academic research, education promotion, and industry-academia cooperation as well as facilitate integration of the resources in smart manufacturing departments to provide a better industry-academia environment. Through international research cooperation programs, resources are distributed among students and professors.

The New Zhongbei campus is divided into two areas, the Industry-Academia area and dormitory. The project uses “New Zhongbei Green Blvd” as planning axis, integrating the 14A ecological pond right across the New Zhongbei Rd to attach both campuses. Architecturally, the design takes Industry 4.0 as a concept to disperse the needs of spaces by clusters, areas, and phases. The façade uses blue, that signifies this university as main color tone. By rhythmically changing the volume, it creates uniqueness and definition of the departments, respectively, to express the image of Industry 4.0 and the beliefs of the individual difference in teams.

The building faces south-north, so the volume follows the topological change, low in the west and high in the east. Part of mechanics are placed in the basement to reduce development areas. The building envelope uses organic coating and energy-saving glass, while a skylight and an atrium are arranged on the third floor, to create a comfortable interaction area with fresh air convection. In response to the trends of green energy, solar panels are also set at the roof. This building will be the first to obtain Diamond Green Building Certification in the campus.

Location:Zhongli District, Taoyuan City

Structural system:RC

Site area:21,685㎡

Building coverage: 1,792㎡

Total floor area:5,471㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 3 above grade


Design period:2016.01 ~ 2017.06

Const. period:2017.07 ~ 2018.06

Category: Education

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