Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Region Campus Planning/Design

The site faces a green land in the northwest while facing Huanshan Rd and the foot of Tiger Mtn surrounded by much nature. The building layout extends the shape of the topography change and centers the open space, while indicates the concept of “garden urban city,” to create a comfortable, ventilated courtyard model.

In consideration of the interaction surface between human culture and the environment, the building volume is dispersed and escalated along with the topographical height. Appropriate setbacks help the building integrate into the environment as well as redefine the relationship between the site and its occupants. The architectural design uses “growing roots,” as a concept, so the building volume elevates upwards like tree trunks through slopes, stairs, and the atrium. The twisted interaction space on the bottom of the building connects to the office area and forms a consecutive greenbelt with the environment.

The entire design reflects the ever-changing history of Zhongxing New Village and delivers time tracks into the new and old building appearance.

Location:Central Taiwan Innovation Campus, Nantou County

Structural system:RC & Steel

Site area:19,782㎡

Total floor area:36,275㎡

No. of stories:2 below, 4 above grade

Category: Paper Architecture、Planning

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