Industrial Office Building, Cotek Electronic

COTEK was established in 1986. Its primary services include the research, design and manufacturing of CCFL inverter, switching-mode power supply, battery charger and power inverter. Based on steady growth, the company planned to expand its existing factories in Daxi, Taoyuan to create a global headquarters.

The first floor of the new headquarters contains the reception and storage. Spaces for production and manufacturing are located between the second and the fifth floor while offices are placed on the sixth and seventh floors. Glass curtain walls, unitized system and 4.5x9.5 dual-color tiles define the exterior façade and refine the overall massing. In material and in form the new headquarters possess a subtle and yet vibrant and contemporary profile reflective of the company, COTEK.

Location:Daxi District, Taoyuan City

Structural system:RC

Site area:3,430 ㎡

Building coverage:1,600㎡

Total floor area:16,520㎡

No. of stories:2 below, 7 above grade

Design period:2011.07 ~ 2012.04

Const. period:2012.04 ~ 2013.12

Category: Manufacturing

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