Hwa-Ya Plant, Flytech Technology Co., Ltd.

Flytech is the largest domestic POS PCs manufacturer dedicating to designing and manufacturing high quality and innovative modular PC systems. In order to consolidate its global operations and accommodate higher rates of productivity, Flytech expands new plants and offices in Hwa-Ya Technology Park, Taoyuan.

The architectural design begins with Flytech’s product image to manifest their corporate identity.

By utilizing the silk screen glass, the elevation conveys a “touch — turn — transit” dialogue analogous to the corporate products. The silk screen glass on the southeast façade serves aesthetic and practical purposes: the play of light and shadow over and beneath the screen pattern creates an enthralling sense of translucent space; while the prints also help to reduce solar heat gain of the building shell.

To make maximum use of open office area, a more flexible floor plan is taken into consideration. Indoor spaces are designed to be convertible for different purposes such as meeting rooms, offices, operating plants, and general-purpose rooms.

Location:Hwa-Ya Technology Park, Taoyuan

Structural system:Steel truss & RC

Site area:3,637㎡

Building coverage:2,062㎡

Total floor area:23,700㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 4 above grade

Design period:2010.01 ~ 2010.06

Const. period:2010.08 ~ 2011.11

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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