Huli Oil Painting Center

Haixi Oil Painting Center locates in an old industrial district in Huli, Xiamen. Among all, two steel-structured factories and a concrete building has ceased to operate, leaving only one small office building that still runs.

This project is divided into two phases. The objective for phase one is to renew a discarded factory and to transform it into an oil painting center where artists can create their works. In addition, the square becomes a communal space for leisure activities. The goals for the phase two are an Outlet and hotel. This case is especially meaningful as it cooperates with Xiamen’s Industrial Reformation Planning(產業改造計畫).

The renovation of phase one’s oil painting center is comprised of five parts: exhibition hall, gallery, art lecturing hall, dining area, and 120 independent artist booths. Through transaction of oil paintings, art and culture lectures, handcrafts, and art history, Xiamen now has a fresh, cultured leisure activity.

Reformation of outdoor space did not only solve the issue in height difference, but also provides a chessboard square, stage for performance, and a gallery hall of oil paintings. The chessboard square invites residents for tea brewing and chess playing while the stage can be used for concerts or commercial events.

Reconstruction of this site has revitalized the former industrial district, broadening the horizon of Xiamen’s art and culture.

Location:Huli old Industrial District

Structural system:SS

Site area:54,000㎡

Building coverage:8,600㎡

Total floor area:23,200㎡

No. of stories:2 stories above grade

Design period:2010.5 ~ 2011.11

Const. period:2012.12 ~ 2013.8

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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