Huizhou Tymphany Acoustics Technology Smart Industrial Park Phase I

The project is located in Huiyang District, Huizhou City. Based on the design concepts of music spectrum, sound wave and sound field, we have created the flow of buildings and environment; and by combining ecology and activities, we have achieved the design goals of energy saving, efficient production and image shaping.

The workshop and warehouse are organized vertically in accordance with the IE production process, and the automatic freight corridor is set in the middle to increase the production efficiency. The living area is arranged by the mountain, forming a self-contained area with delightful landscape, it is also convenient for factory security control. While the passageway on the east side connecting various buildings provides safe travel during rainy days, the moving lines of trucks, vehicles, non-motor vehicles, shuttle buses, and pedestrians are planned clearly to reduce the crossing of each other.

Greening is carried out on both sides of the roads in the plant area and around buildings, trees suitable for local climate are planted, and turf on the surface without exposed topsoil helps to prevent soil erosion, which is good for environmental protection. Trees and grass are planted in layers to form a rich three-dimensional landscape and create a beautiful environment with both ecological significance and cultural connotation. The new campus not only satisfies production needs but also provides a better life for the staff.

Location:Huizhou, Guangdong

Structural system:RC frame and steel

Site area:54751 m²

Building coverage:137564.08 m²

Total floor area:27343.63m²

No. of stories:1 below, 11 above grade

Cost:CNY 460,000,000

Design period:2018.09 ~ 2019.06

Const. period:2019.07 ~ 2020.08

Category: Dormitory、Manufacturing

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