Huashan Creative Park ROT Project

Huashan Creative Park measures 7.21 acres. Originally built as Taipei Winery in 1914, the park expanded in phases, encapsulating a comprehensive history of Taiwan’s industrial development. In January 2008, Taiwan Cultural and Creative Foundation commissioned JJP to evaluate the potential for rehabilitation and the adaptive reuse of the park’s numerous historic buildings. With inputs from specialists, the study included a master plan, cost analysis, and specific recommendations on the park’s open spaces, streetscape, lighting, and landscape design.

The reuses of multiple significant historic buildings require approvals from different governmental agencies. Specifically, best approaches to three aspects of the review process were determined after consultations among the client, the city government and JJP: gaining the approval of the city’s urban design review panel, obtaining new business registration, and receiving an update certificate of occupancy.

Based on sustainable design principles, the master plan and design proposal carefully respond to the park’s current layout and existing landscape to create a series of open and semi-open spaces that integrate and consolidate the surrounding public spaces. The design thereby not only satisfies the park’s need for flexible spaces, but also establishes an interactive and dynamic urban platform for the creative arts. As a result, the new Huashan Creative Park will become an asset advancing governmental policies while also benefitting the park’s operator and the general public alike.

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Culture/Exhibition、Planning、Sport / Leisure

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