Huanan Bank Headquarters Competition

This project is located in Xinyi District, Taipei City near Taipei 101. This new headquarters is for a century anniversary, to convey its quality image in the financial industry.


JJP is honored to be invited to be a part of this competition. The design uses ancient currency- spade money as a concept to imply the conception of escalation. The trilogy of the building volume reflects this spatial context of human financials and becomes a visual focus of a landmark in the neighborhood. The main podium uses a stone structure as the base, to express the image of an outstanding, century-old company. The roof garden on each floor is gradually voided, extending the greenery and view into the office area.


This project is a 30-story and 3 below grade building complex, consisting of exhibition, lease, feast, office, and conference.


This cutting-edge and magnificent building is comprised of the attitude of the corporate motto, “Think global, act local,” as well as the philosophy of “trust, keen and innovation.” 

Category: Office、Paper Architecture

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