Hsin-Da Deep Sea Fish Market & Ancillary Facilities

Situated in Chia-Ting Village of Kao-Hsiung County, Hsin-Da deep water harbour is part of the new master-planned deep sea fishing port, with a fish market located at the pointed tip of the harbor. Principal components of the project consist of a seafood auction market, offices for the Fishermen’s Association, and a lounge and administration area for seafood dealers.

The fish market, as the first structure to be built for the newly master-planned harbor and occupying a prominent location of the site, naturally assumes a landmark significance for the environs. Our office wishes to create a building form different from the traditional fish market, by placing the offices for the Fishermen’s Association in a five story structure, with three floors of large office area connected to the oblong, 5 meter high market. The market, an open space with regularly spaced rows of columns, supports the dealers’ lounge and offices above which are glazed with large panes of glass so that the building resembles a graceful Chinese pavilion while providing spectacular views all around. A wavy roof further reflects the image of the sea and achieves an effect of lightness differing from the heavy conventional fish market buildings.

Total floor area is 8,675 sq.m. and construction cost amounts to NT$168,840,000. The project is completed in September, 1997.

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Planning

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