Howard Hotel Hot Spring Village

The priority design objectives are to provide lush greenery for the hot spring village and preserve the surrounding natural environment. Through the unique approach on landscape, the project arouses elegant interaction between contemporary buildings and traditional Chinese garden. The design also adopts scenery framing to integrate interior and exterior spaces. Courtyards with different landscape themes are scattered around the buildings to reflect Taiwanese cultural characteristics and to establish intimate relationship between architecture and landscape.

In response to better future maintenance and quality management, the exterior adapts materials such as decorative concrete bricks and pebble wash finishes. Areas for the growth of vertical vegetation are also reserved. Together with multiple skylights and light wells placed throughout the buildings, the different spaces are brought to life by sunlight. Greenery and natural lighting penetrate through each area to bring vibrancy and energy into the hot spring village.

Location:Kenli County, Dongying City, China

Structural system:RC with Framing System

Site area:34,368m²

Building coverage:11,871m²

Total floor area:28,163m²

No. of stories:Reception center 2 or 3 above grade, Hot Spring House 3 above grade, Residential 6 or 10 above grade

Design period:2014.07 ~ 2014.09

Category: Hospitality

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