Housing Projects for Science Based Industrial Park

Since its establishment in 1980, the Science Based Industrial Park has continued to build different types of housing units to accommodate its growing population. The following are projects designed by our office:

  1. Employees' Dormitory:A five story building with basement containing 30 dwelling units. Total floor area is 3,128 sq.m., construction cost is NT$21,640,000, completed 1983.
  2. Employees' Dormitory, Phase II:Two five story buildings with basement, one containing 105 single rooms, the other with 91 double rooms for single or married staff. Both buildings are provided with a common lounge, kitchen and toilet facilities on each floor. Total floor area is 6,300 sq.m., construction cost is NT$52,000,000, completed 1983.
  3. Bamboo Hill House, Bamboo Stream House, Courtesy House:These buildings are designed for factory owners or managerial staff, mostly overse as Chinese who have returned to Taiwan to pursue their careers. The former two houses are seven stories with basement, with two dwelling units of 132 sq.m. area per floor, while Courtesy House is twelve stories with basement and contain four duplex apartments of 132 sq.m. each every two floors. All are four bedroom apartments with separate living/dining rooms. Air condition units and pipe space, storage rooms, service balconies, etc., are carefully arranged and detailed to provide a refined dwelling environment. Total floor area is about 8,000 sq.m., construction cost is NT$152,000,000, completed 1994.

Category: Dormitory

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