Holistic Education Village, Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University prides itself in providing "Holistic Education" to attend the needs of "body, mind and soul".


The site borders on local streets on two sides and the university main thoroughfare on the third side. To respond to the complex environment while express the diversity of its many users, a group of different heights was designed. The north wing is 5 stories and contains Performance Hall, Art Gallery, Conference Center, the University Archive, the Alumni Room plus a health center and guidance suite which looks after the "body"; The 3 stories central wing, represents the "soul" with a Concert Hall/Chapel, the University Chaplains' quarters and Fellowship Halls; The south wing is 9 stories and houses the College of Humanities and Education, symbolizing the "mind" as the source of wisdom and compassion.


A pool at center of courtyard, receiving water from the roof terrace pond via a channel, symbolizes the grace and blessing from heaven. In the middle an arched walkway spans across the north and south wings on the 3rd floor, recalling the form of a rainbow, a covenant between God and man.


The main design feature for the complex is in the concert hall/chapel at the center. The roof of the chapel is designed in the form of an inverted cone encased in a circular, glass clerestory which allows light 360∘from above. The chapel is housed in a square enclosure with circular interior space, together they represent the Chinese saying of the "Round Sky, Square Earth"-harmony between man and nature. The reverse cone also signifies the Bible’s main theme that “The Word dwells amongst us, full of truth and blessing”.


Structural system:RC、Steel

Site area:7,617㎡

Building coverage:3,790㎡

Total floor area:23,430㎡

No. of stories:1 below、3-9 above grade

Cost:NT$ 402,000,000

Design period:1997.01 ~ 2002.01

Const. period:2002.01 ~ 2004.05

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Education

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