HEM 600 International Total Care Community Planning & Design


The planned community is located at Minhang District, Pujiang Town of Shanghai city, the original plant of SMIC Company. The production lines were moved away and the site is sit vacant at present. The site faces San-Lu highway to the east, and 20m wide Chi-Yi River to the south, total area is about 600 “Mu” (approximately 40 hectares).

The objective of the development aims to offer an ideal orderly planned communities for the retirement, elderly care, cultural museum park and senior housing, to create a functionally considerate, organizationally clear, convenient & gracefully vibrant comprehensive community. Upon completion it will become a model elderly realty development and a LOHAS 21st century ideal property.

Cell-Knitted Waterfront Landscape

SMIC plant faces river to the south, west and north three sides, only San-Lu highway to the east, which became a bottleneck for emergency recues and evacuation. For this reason the planning is enlarged to outside of original plant, and extend to Shan-Du highway (currently zoned as green area), and expands to approximately 200 “Mu” public green zone. In the hope of connection with Pu-Shin highway and elevated Shan-Chia-Hu highway’s service road, thus is more convenient for residents’ and vehicles’ access. The overall plot would be more complete and include river as landscaped waterfront which allows for river cruising, fishing, water view restaurants and joy ride harbor leisure activities.

Planning Parkland for Three Generations Co-habitation

Following traditional Chinese’s wish for “Three-Generation Cohabitation”, creating a community that elderly and younger generation can live together, yet allowing each to have independent space. According to the plan, the compound will have comprehensive services and facilities such as retail shops, restaurants, cultural, recreational, sports, healthcare and nursing establishments for total living needs.

In order to promote its public reputation and enrich the cultural contents for the planned community, world renowned museum and cultural park, innovation plants are part of this ideal community also being planned.

Research and Training Ground for Elderly Care Properly Development

As an advanced center for elderly care, the park is to encompass all elderly care service enterprises, which include elderly service, elderly care medical center, elderly health care & research institution & elderly needs products development. Platforms for advanced international interchange & interaction for this focus subjects are wished to be established here for overall advancement of fast growing needs for aging population in the world.

Category: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities、Planning

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