Headquarters Phase I, VisEra Technologies Co., Ltd.

VisEra was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the foremost wafer production company of Taiwan, with investment from image sensor and strategic technology partners. This project contains the administrative and research offices, as well as a fab with auxiliary facilities for the manufacturing of high quality back-end color filters.

As the site is long and narrow, the administrative area is placed near the front of the building in order to create an attractive business image. To effectively utilize the land in spite of its restrictive shape, the structural truss system in the production area is skillfully arranged to provide two additional usable floor space. Car parking is allocated on grade, using beamless slab construction to condense the floor height to 3 meters, with alternate level parking for maximum efficiency, thus also reduces the additional excavation cost for an underground garage.

Facade of the building retains the sober black/grey/white color scheme of TSMC buildings. Principal exterior walls are coated by insulated metal panels, with a neat horizontal linear design to suggest the passage of light and the principle of light filtration, an economical device with a "state-of-the- art" look. Windows at the administrative offices are provided with red, green and blue colored shutters, recalling the three primary colors when light passes through the color filters. As the colors vary at different times of day and night, the building takes on the appearance of an innovative, lively fashion show.

Location:Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system:RC

Site area:18,000 ㎡

Building coverage:10,770 ㎡

Total floor area:66,350 ㎡

No. of stories:2 below、8 above grade


Design period:2006.09 ~ 2006.12

Const. period:2006.12 ~ 2007.09

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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