Headquarters, Chunghwa Precision Test Tech

The new headquarters is located in Taoyuan city, consisting of 10 above and 2 below grade. Concise, neat linear vocabulary is aptly adopted as well as “simplicity, attitude, technology, and human culture” are found as design axes to express the client’s low-profile style and the model for green building certification.

The façade faces west, so the plan uses double-layer glass curtain walls to limit sunlight. It consists of two walls to form an insulated space which allows the air to enter from the bottom of the building and exhale from the top, and keeps thermal energy out and ventilation in. Meanwhile, the inner cladding integrated with electric shutters that synchronizes information with weather station to filter sunlight exposure and ensure the transparency of the curtain at the same time.

In response to the site characteristics, the primary landscape lies at the south side interacting with the high-ceiling areas among certain levels that provides communication and innovation place for staff. The roof garden on the 10th floor not only realizes the concept but renders a rare view for the senior executives in the city

“Shujian(書簡),” ancient Chinese letters or books made with bamboos, are used as the central concept for the lobby to imply the spread of knowledge. The sunlight shines through the timber-pattern grille and reflects onto the stone walls to demonstrate the idea of human culture. The cafeteria faces south while the landscape there delivers a recreation space and a seasonal ecological view that is introduced into the interior as an image of “inner garden” thus, creating a multi-layered cafeteria.

The high-ceiling area between 5th -10th floor establishes the atmosphere of reading and leisure for the bustling staff to wind down for a break and watch the southern view of the landscape as if in nature.

Multiple advanced sustainable design concepts are employed, including double Low-E glass with electric shutters at the air convection level, dual wall system, stack ventilation, and roof garden to capture the attention on sustainable issues, cherish the natural resources and fulfill social responsibility via these energy-saving accomplishment. Finally, this project is expected to become a distinctive, pioneering, and edge-cutting technology headquarters.

Location:Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City

Structural system:RC

Site area:15,287㎡

Building coverage:4,040㎡

Total floor area:56,874㎡

No. of stories:2 below, 10 above grade

Cost:NT$ 480,000,000

Design period:2016.10 ~ 2017.05

Const. period:2017.08~ 2019.08

Category: Office

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