Headquarters, MediaTek

The building is designed for 3,000 users. Office and research/development spaces are primarily the main functions while dining hall, art gallery, gymnasium, health center, and a 300-seat auditorium are supporting common functions. 1800 cars and 800 motorcycles parking space are provided in the basements.

To take advantage of the 80m greenbelt in the back, the buildings are terraced with fingers configuration to allow light and natural green scenery to penetrate into the working space. Horizontal and vertical screens and frames are used on façade design to create interesting variations according to the orientation of the elevations. Double height spaces with clear glazing are created for lobby, dining hall and auditorium foyer to enhance indoor/outdoor continuation. Partial curved façade and roofline are introduced to reduce the tension to the long roadway frontage, and to create a unique appearance to this otherwise standard office complex.

Location:Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system:Steel

Site area:37,000 m²

Building coverage:13,865 m²

Total floor area:150,000 m²

No. of stories:3 below、11 above grade

Cost:NT$ 2,800,000,000

Design period:2003.11 – 2004.07

Const. period:2004.08 – 2005.12

Category: Office、R&D、Sport / Leisure

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