HannStar PCB Plant for the Maxstar PCB Corp., Taoyuan

Our client plans to develop in the Kuanyin Industrial Zone of Taoyuan County several factories for the production of multi-layered printed circuits boards. Our project being the first structure with one floor below ground and four floors above, built of reinforced concrete.

As programed in October of 1999, the area for production during the preliminary phase is 200,000 square feet, to be expanded to 300,000 square feet at a later date. Manufactured items are notebook personal computers, palm size personal computers, cellular phones and special printed circuits boards for communication. The building is arranged according to its functional requirements and is divided into different areas for electro-plating, drilling, inner AOI and preparation, outer AOI and preparation, printing, waste water treatment and offices, and is designed for future expansion. Exterior walls are sheathed in glazed tiles of a range of blue colors to express the CIS image of the plant, the main entrance is further emphasized by a tall stair tower enclosed in curtain wall.

Total floor area for the project is 21,234 sq. m. and construction cost amounts to NT$210,000,000.00. Completion date was October, 1999.

Category: Manufacturing

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