Hangzhou Tingyi Food Plant

Situated in Xiasha Economic and Technological Development Area, this project occupies the north of the M-09-4 block while Jingsizhi Road lies on the east of the block, Nonken Road is on the north, and Erhaoba Road is on the west. The southern part of the site faces a block belonging to the government for future development.

Architecturally, this project is consistent in the styles of other Tingyi Holding Corp. which takes advantage of white, grey, and its corporate color, green to form the profile. The volume of Office Building and Display Building is connected but with no direct linking entrance for safety control. The outer cladding of these two buildings represents its functions and gradual setbacks on the office building volume, presenting the image of the client’s industry, subtle but far-reaching.

Combining with tourism, this design integrates the circulation of the office building, display building, and factory via electric train, for the client to shorten the gap with its consumers.

Location:Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area, Xiasha

Structural system:Framing system & SS

Site area:246,831㎡

Building coverage:122,561㎡

Total floor area:265,778㎡

Category: Planning

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