Gymnasium, Chinese Culture University

The Chinese Culture University’s main campus is located at the top of Mount Yang-Ming in Taipei. The “cliffhanging” campus offers great vantage point overlooking graceful natural scenic and the City’s urbanscape. To enhance its athletic programs and to better serve its faculties and students’ recreational needs, the University invested in this state-of-the-art multi-functional sports complex to fulfill these goals. The site descends from north to south at an average slope of 15 degrees and is presently entered via an existing lane and connected to the main campus by an internal service road.


The new gym is composed of a L-shaped tower 10 and 8 stories in height and a large, 8-story high elliptical volume. The L-shaped tower is parallel to the existing campus buildings while the axis of the ellipse veers slightly to the southeast in compliance with the natural contour of the land, thus creating a lively formal composition. The “L” contains classrooms, labs, research and administrative offices as well as a Hall of Fame. The elliptical volume is constructed of 4 gangs of steel mega-columns which extend into cantilevered arches on two levels in order to provide wide span spaces for various athletic activities: with a swimming area on the 1st floor; ball game training on the 2nd and 5th floors, each space being 3 stories (15 meters) in height and provided with running and maintenance routes. In addition, extendable seating for 2,000 spectators are provided on the floors for inter-collegiate tournaments. The 8th floor of the ellipse contains a 250-seat multi-purpose conference room and a lounge. The underground levels contain training rooms for judo, wrestling, weight lifting, aerobic, table tennis, billiards and gymnastics, as well as a Health Club, parking space for 199 cars and 1,110 motorcycles, mechanical and electrical equipment rooms.


Joint Venture Architect: Chiu-Hwa Wang


Structural system:Steel、RC

Site area:21,650㎡

Building coverage:5,200㎡

Total floor area:54,625㎡

No. of stories:4 below、10 above grade

Cost:NT$ 2,200,000,000

Design period:2000.06 ~ 2003.10

Const. period:2002.07 ~ 2005.09

Category: Education、Sport / Leisure

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