Gloria Outlets

Located at the Commercial Park to the north of THSR Taoyuan Station, this project is jointly sponsored by Cathay Insurance and Gloria Prince Hotel: an open-air shopping mall for famous merchandise outlets. The design team aims to plan a low density development common to “outlet” type of stores, to create a leisurely shopping experience and incite commercial activities in the busy Taoyuan Aerotropolis.

Using the East-West Axis of the site to plan outlet stores of large area, an entrance plaza decorated with enticing images connects the High Speed Rail Station with the local Rapid Transit Line Exit; building masses are low and arranged along a circular route without any dead ends to maximize available shopping area, while landscaped design with trees and shrubbery further enhances the shopping environment.

Phase I design consists of a 3-story structure with basement for complex leisure type activities, including Game Rooms, Food Courts and various boutiques; later phases will enlarge basement parking area and add to the 1st floor outlet stores.

Location:Zhongli District, Taoyuan City

Structural system:RC with partial SS

Site area:160,613㎡

Building coverage:61,545㎡

Total floor area:161,850㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 3above grade

Design period:Phase I 2011.03~ 2013.11

Const. period: Phase I 2014.04~ 2015.10

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Transportation / Infrastructure

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