Fourth Phase Expansion, The National Palace Museum

The construction site of this project is located on the hillside next to Chi-Shan Road, south of the main building of The National Palace Museum. The northern side of the site connects to the existing administration building. The new building consists of four floors and two basement floors, housing a total space of 13,814 sq.m.. The total construction cost, including hillside development, is approximately NT$750,000,000.

The design of the new building includes: a second basement for electrical power facilities and parking; a basement for storage and the working area of the second exhibition hall; a ground floor for the second exhibition hall, mainly for the display of three-dimensional objects; and second to fourth floors for the library, which will include the rare book reading room, general reading room, special collection reading room, and audio-visual and microfiche reading areas. The exterior harmonizes with the style of the existing buildings, a simplified version of traditional Chinese architectural styles. The building was completed in 1995.

合作建筑师: 王秋华

Category: Culture/Exhibition

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