Founder's Memorial Library, Chinese Culture University, Taipei

The University wishes to erect a library in memory of its founder, Chang Chi-Yun, near the main entrance of its main Campus opposite the existing building, Ta-Cheng House. The site has a fine view of Sha-Mau Mountain to its north, and borders the Hwa-Kang residential community to its east. The land rises with a gentle slope from east to west resulting in over four meters of difference in height; the building was thus designed with dual level access. On the west, a main entrance plaza on the second floor level is enclosed by a U-shaped group of structures which protect the outdoor area from the strong winter wind, at the same time engaging Ta-Cheng House to form a central courtyard; on the east, a secondary landscaped plaza is provided on the ground level where town and gown may meet and mingle. An university bookstore and the service entrance for the library are both located here.


The new group of buildings is 11 stories high with 2 basement levels. Building heights vary from north to south: the north wing is four stories, containing a 200-seat conference hall on the plaza level with auxiliary meeting rooms and reception space below and an art museum above; the L-shaped east and south wings contain the memorial library from 1st through 7th floors, housing a collection of 1,000,000 volumes and accommodating about 1,040 seats, while the south wing continues to rise to 11th floors for research and administration. Independent entries are provided for the different users. Parking for 168 cars and 832 motorcycles are provided underground.


Steel structure precast panel exterior walls are the main systems. The pitched roofs harmonizes with existing buildings, but terminate in triangulated open lattice-work, partly to fulfill building code requirement for roof level exit, and to add a contemporary touch with a spirit of reform. Total floor area 36,680 sq.m., construction cost NT$900,000,000. Completion date is May 1998.


Location:Huagang Road, Yangmingshan, Taipei

Structural system:Underground steel frame plus reinforced concrete, above ground steel structure

Site area:5,500㎡

Total floor area:36,170㎡

No. of stories:2 below, 11 above grade

Cost:NT$ 1,050,000,000

Design period:1994. 8 ~ 1996. 10

Const. period:1996. 11 ~ 1999. 1

Joint Architect: Chiu-Hwa Wang

Awards: Renowned Finalist, Far Eastern Outstanding Architects Design Award

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Education

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