Fleur de Chine Hotel, Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, profusely endowed with beautiful natural landscape as well as cultural resources, has always been a famous target location for tourists. Layers of mountains encompass the lake, with elusively changing mist hovering over the waters at dawn and dusk. Fenisia located on a high plateau north of the lake, occupies an excellent position for viewing the surrounding scenery.

The hotel is L shaped to suit the special shape of the site, with its roof profile following the contour of the mountain to minimize its impact on the environment. 1st through 3rd floors are public areas, with entrance lobby located on the 3rd floor, and contain lounge, dining and conference facilities as well as a gym, an indoor swimming pool and spa, while the upper floors comprise 212 guest rooms of different types: single, double, Japanese style, family style, as well as two presidential suites with private roof gardens.

Landscape design stresses ecological considerations in the selection of planting types, while exterior design of the building is quiet and sober in both color and form so as to harmonize with the natural landscape. Exterior lighting is subdued to mitigate any brightness syndrome and further preserve the evening beauty of Sun Moon Lake.


Structural system:RC

Site area:9,890 ㎡

Building coverage:3,190 ㎡

Total floor area:27,600 ㎡

No. of stories:3 below、10 above grade


Design period:2000.10 ~ 2004.10

Const. period:2005.03 ~ 2007.09

No. of rooms: 211 rooms

Category: Hospitality、Landscape

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