Factory & Headquarters, Nanchang Creative Sensor Technology

The architectural design in this project aims to present a high-tech and modern manufacturing complex. Straight and oblique lines are the main design concept which weaves out a dynamic office building volume, while forms another vivid image with the pool in front of itself. The building and its reflection in the pool become a main visual focus for the campus.

White brick tiles are the main materials for the façade and vertical strip windows are to increase the building’s visual height. For the façade, the team meticulously controls the composition to make the office building volume an art object in the campus. The overhanging canopy is glazed in vertical strips to echo the design of the façade, and take advantage of its concave-convex reflection changes to deliver a simple, vivid but modern image.

The plant and shift dormitory emphasize the interior functions with the exterior focusing on horizontal massing in white & grey materials. The solid walls serve the contrast against the office building.

Location:Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Structural system:RC framing with shear walls

Site area:38,601 m²

Building coverage:74,011 m²

Total floor area:64,803 m²

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Design period:2007.06 ~ 2007.07

Const. period:2007.08 ~ 2008.09

Awards: Jiangxi Outstanding Architecture Design Award, 2nd place

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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