Fab II, Ardentec Corporation

Ardentec Corporation is a professional IC testing company building its headquarters office building and two factories in Hsinchu Industrial Park. A masterplan separates vehicle, pedestrian and merchandise, traffic routes and calls for a strong landscape where the site borders the super-highway. The project is being developed in phases, with the factory buildings preceding the headquarters office.

Fab II is a four-story structure and basement, with offices on the top floor above three floors of process area. Offices, dining room, and lounges face the super-highway, with balconies and roof terraces affirming the human element of a high-tech company. The main entrance is located on the south side to easily connect with the future headquarters building. The lobby and adjoining stair hall are awash in light and evoke a state-of-the-art image. Exterior walls are concisely fashioned in glass and insulated panels for a simple composition that can be followed by the headquarters and Fab III buildings later.

Location:Hsinchu Industrial Park

Structural system:SS

Site area:14,265㎡

Building coverage:5,400㎡

Total floor area:24,835㎡

No. of stories:1 floor below grade、4 floors above grade

Design period:2000.04 ~ 2000.08

Const. period:2000.08 ~ 2001.08

Category: Manufacturing

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