FAB 6 for Taiwan Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tainan

This project represents the first of a number of wafers production plants which TSMC
plans to invest in the Science Based Industrial Park in Tainan. The four buildings for this first project consist of a seven stories reinforced concrete Administration Building with two floors below ground; a four stories steel and reinforced concrete Main Fab; a four stories reinforced concrete Support Building and a steel and reinforced concrete Central Utilities Building with two floors each above and below grade.

The buildings are arranged in the south-west corner of the site in accordance with their
functional relationship of the master plan. The site is bordered by a 29 m. roadway on its south and west, visitors and staff members arriving by car approach the administration zone from the south side, service vehicles and staff buses enter the production area from the west, while a loading dock and planned service spine are provided on the east side.

Exterior design employs a metal curtain wall system with semi-reflective glass in the same color scheme as TSMC's Fab 3 and 4 in the Science Based Industrial Park in Hsin-Chu, which our firm designed, to provide a unified image for the corporation.

The Administration Building is set back 25 - 38 meters from the access road to create a spacious landscaped entry plaza. A large wafer shaped curtain wall above the entrance, twin vertical fins in red flanking the Administration Building and a white and gray grid pattern at the exterior walls of the Fab form a special corporate identification for TSMC.

Location:The Science Based Industrial Park in Tainan

Structural system:Steel & reinforced concrete structure

Site area:91,000m2

Total floor area:178,902 m2

No. of stories:2 below, 7 above grade (Office) | 4 above grade (FAB) | 4 above grade (Support) | 2 below, 2 above grade (Utility Plant)


Design period:1997.07~1998.09

Const. period:1998.08~1999.10

Category: Manufacturing、R&D

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