FAB 4 & 5 for Winbond Electronics Corp.

Situated in Phase III zone of the Science Based Industrial Park in Hsin-Chu on 9.2 hectares of land, the project is to be carried out in several stages. Stage I work consists of a Main Production Building, a Testing Building, a Central Utilities Building, a Power Station and a Waste Water Treatment Plant. The Main Building is divided into three areas: Production, Support and Administration. Principal production of 8" wafers takes place in FAB 4 & 5 on the third floor, with cleanroom piping and return air ductwork on the second and other equipment piping occupying the first floor. A warehouse which stores finished products as well as material for fabrication is located on the ground floor, all other floors serve as support area and are connected to the Central Utilities Building by underground piping. The Testing Building has two floors underground for parking and seven floors above, with a conference room and storage rooms on the ground floor, while all other floors contain testing facilities. A Staff Dining Room is located on the second and third floors between the Testing Building and the Main Production Building, while the floor below with a clear span of 36.5 meters is left open as a service driveway.

Exterior walls of the Production Building are sheathed in 4.5 cm square glazed tiles in different colors to minimize its massive volume, while a skylit court separates the administration and production areas, providing natural light for the office workers. The Testing Building is glazed by a simple curtain wall with high-tech connotations. Other Utility Buildings supply power and services for the entire project while preserving a designated area for the Stage II construction of the future FAB 6 and a second Testing Building. Total floor area of the stage I construction amounts to about 130,600 sq.m. and a cost of NT$1,600,000,000, completed in June, 1998.

Category: Manufacturing

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