Fab 15, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Located besides Da-Du Mountain in Central Science Park, the facilities integrate a greenbelt, a central atrium and screening systems to enable both production efficiency and an interaction between workers and nature. From an atrium filled with natural light to a screening system with native vines, nature is at once a part of its daily functioning and a visible architectural landmark.

Surrounding the site is a continuous greenbelt planted with indigenous Sapindus and Chinaberry. As swallows, doves and butterflies abound, the greenbelt unifies the campus and fosters an ecosystem specific to the site’s characteristics. Given a hillside location, the greenbelt further acts as rainwater retention walls and together with its habitats form a place of respite for workers and make apparent a corporation’s social responsibility to both its employees and the environment.

Layered in a series of horizontal and vertical massing, the offices incorporate a vertical unit with horizontal bars split by a central atrium. The atrium consolidates circulation and provides natural ventilation through the top. Passive cooling from the adjoining offices allows the atrium to remain free of air-conditioning while the north facing skylights further reduce energy consumption to reach zero carbon emission. A large canopy equipped with solar panels extends to the adjacent factory to minimize heat gain from the glazed façades and double as a marker for the entrance.

Along the sides of the campus screening panels introduce a layer of smaller- scaled units. Formally contrasting the massive walls behind, the screenings add shading and visually define the project’s identity. Screening panels created from the assemblage of solar panels, shades and greenery front the major roads adjacent to the site. As elements of nature stem from the screening to the atrium and the greenbelt, Fab 15 goes beyond achieving statistical performances to establish a green factory for work, people and the environment.

Location:Central Taiwan Science Park

Structural system:RC: below grade, Structural Steel: above grade

Site area:184,265㎡

Building coverage:110,536㎡

Total floor area:543,495㎡

No. of stories:Office area: 4 below, 13 above grade • Production area: 1 below, 6 above grade

Design period:2010.04 ~ 2013. 01

Const. period:2010.06 ~ 2013. 06

Awards: Outstanding Green Building Design Award、Platinum Award, Taiwan Intelligent Building Award

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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