Fab 14, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

The Fab14 of TSMC is a twin fab design, comprising two fabrication building(Fab A, B), process supporting fabs, an office, a Warehouse and a Central Utilities Building.


This project is situated in the Science Based Industrial Park of Tainan, facing the 50m wide Nan-Ke North Road and flanking Nan-Ke Seventh Road on its right side. When completed, the Fab14 and existing Fab 6 will combine to define basic image of TSMC Tainan Campus.


Exterior color scheme continues to employ TSMC's principle use of different shades of grays, with a red ornamental strip symbolizing TSMC NO.1 applied at the stair halls. Nighttime illumination emphasizes the effect, with uplight concealed in the window sill at main facades of the office Building to harmonize with the general lighting design.


"Life, Production, Ecology" are TSMC's professed design guide lines. Both indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to promote creative thinking and intellectual interchange for the workers. Landscape design is not limited to colorful floral display but also includes fruit trees to further convey the message of "Life, Production, Ecology".

Location:Tainan Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system:RC and steel

Site area:170,000 ㎡

Building coverage:82,800㎡

Total floor area:418,500㎡

No. of stories:office:2 below、10 above grade | warehouse:1 below、5 above grade | CUB:2 below、2 above grade

Design period:2000.04 ~ 2001.06

Const. period:2000.05 ~ 2002.12

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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